Thursday 27 June 2013

Summer of Color Week 3

More Gelli Plate play this week!  With purple and lime green for Summer of Color.

Firstly I watched this video.

Then I made these printing blocks with 7"x5" canvases.  You can tell I don't always clean my stencils!

Then I started printing.

Because I put the black on they all got a bit dark and I ended up liking these best which were the mop up prints.

In the end I took this print and spread Lime Green Glitter Glue through a stencil.

I printed out the word LIME on some of the paper I had cleaned the purple off the brayer on to and cut the letters out.  Then I decided I would rearrange it and have MILE.  Then I added some writing and a few white dots.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It's interesting how it all comes together when you are just playing without a specific outcome in mind. I thought I saw boot prints, so the quote makes perfect sense!

    1. I hadn't thought of the mosaic stncil being boot prints but you're right.

  2. I've been feeling like I have to make "something" each time I sit at my art table, and it has put me off sometimes. This description of just "falling" into making art is a wonderful thing for me. I'm trying to stop feeling like I have to "get it right". I appreciate your blogs so much!!!

  3. Very nice! Love the texture and glitter.

  4. Oh that's gorgeous, strangely enough I've been quoting that statement over the last few weeks - so it strikes a particular note with me!

  5. Oh now I really love how your final piece came about. Thank you for linking to that video - have pinned that to play with later :)

  6. I love your piece, so clever. Happy SOC, Annette x

  7. I love all the texture in your prints. I also did Gelli prints for SOC. I felt like I struggled with the colors this week, the purple combined with the green = muddy colors. So I went back in and used my micron pens, my Faber-Castell white fat marker, and my white sign uniball. I also added little stamps using foam stamps.
    I always love how your prints turn out. (I've check out your blog frequently) Feel free to stop by my blog and check out my Gelli's. I'm open to advice. Happy printing.

  8. Fun! Especially as the background could be shoe-prints or a paved path :)

  9. wonderful interesting textures!

  10. How clever to work with the letters in LIME. I love that! I really struggled with the colors this week. Hoping for something less bright for next week.

  11. OMG!! These are waaayyy too much fun, gorgeous textures!!. Can you believe the white, textured pieces alone made me squealed with delight??. LOVE the glitters!

  12. thanks for sharing your steps and creative process! I love the end result - oh so beautiful! You used this week's colors perfectly!!!!!

  13. Love the textures you created, thanks for sharing about your process, I always love to see how people bring their pieces together. :)


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