Saturday 15 June 2013

Summer of Color week 1

Summer of Color is a 6 week challenge blog where each week there is a different colour choice to use in whatever way we choose.  This week's colour is Citron & Turquoise.

I thought that I might use different techniques each week with my Gelli plate using the colour proscribed for that week.  Firstly I watched this video.

I cut out some paper circles and put them on the gelli plate.  I applied some turquoise and some yellow paint.  Of course it all went very green!  I removed the circles
and they looked like this.

You are supposed to wait for the paint to dry between each layer and although I did use the heat gun a bit, it all took a long time.  I did watch Trooping of the Colour in between!

I added with acrylic paint

and added circles and lines.

I put the clear packing tape across the gelli plate and smoothed it down.  Then pulled it off.  I stuck 2 pieces to tin foil, one piece to a piece of atlas paper and on the other I tried some Perfect Pearls.  I looked in my journal for somewhere to put them and found this page that I had done with Pan Pastel and hadn't liked very much.

I wasn't overly impressed with the result when I'd stuck the tape on the page.

However all was not lost as in searching through the journal I found this page
which is much more citron and turquoise.

I added the circles that I'd used as masks on the gelli plate and added a complementary colour and some words from a Dylusions stamp.

Looking forward to finding out what week 2's colour is and hoping for a more interesting time with the Gelli plate.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hello, Bernice :). These are beautiful pages!! I LOVE how you used clear packaging tapes with gelli plate. So cool when the atlas peeking trough the circles!. LOVE!

  2. Loving the fab results on the last page. Happy SOC, Annette x

    Annette No. 39

  3. A Gelli plate looks like so much fun! Trying hard to resist buying one at the moment :)
    I really love how your pages turned out, especially the second one!
    Zoe @ Top Floor Treasures

  4. Love your Gelatin prints. So addictive to use! Your pages came out great! :)

  5. Your pages are absolutely beautiful and you have such creative ideas in making them! Thanks for sharing. They are perfect for the colors of this challenge!

  6. What wonderful pages. And how fun to see your process with the plate.

  7. awesome page Bernice! Love seeing the process. One of these days I will get a gelli plate!

  8. Beautiful pages! I love how you went through the process.

  9. I haven't tried the packing tape Gelli tute yet, I think yours turned out great!

    I like that you found a totally different page to work with for this week's SOC challenge - it was waiting to be found!

  10. I did Gelli prints for the SOC challenge this week too. I love how you didn't waste a thing and incorporated your masks into an alternate page.

  11. Well, that page was meant to be! Your final result is just gorgeous; the flowers, circles and soft writing are just beautiful. AND your first print is so bold and bright and I love the addition of black. Thank you for playing, xoxo

  12. The final result is worth all you went through... it is fun to see all of the different stages and experiments you went through...xx

  13. Love the finished citron and turquoise page.

  14. Oh I love what you've done with the challenge - fantastic work!

  15. Love the quote on the second one - and a great looking page.


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