Wednesday 19 June 2013

Summer Book

On 12 Months in View today Carolyn shares her passion for children's books once more.   I knew that she was going to suggest making a treasure map and I have made one before through her Finding Fun series.

And I didn't particularly want to make another one.  And then when Carolyn announced the challenge one of the options was to 'make it a more personal treasure map and use it to show a life journey to a special point'.   This immediately caught my eye because it fits with something I keep meaning to do based on the book Personal Geographies by Jill K. Berry.

I have to own up and say that I have had this book since Roger bought it me for Christmas 2012 and I still haven't done anything from it.  Although I do pick it up every now and then and read bits of it!  Which is more than can be said for some of the books I own!

I made this background when I was on the Dina Wakley Gelli Plate workshop at Art from the Heart and I feel it has the look of a map.

I had used Dina's Mosaic stencil but the result looked like stepping stones to me so I outlined some of them to make a path.  I chose the years since 2006 when Andy left home to go to college in Australia and the some of the things that have happened since then.  I chose not to put the deaths of my parents on this map. I chose other things that have another significance.  I used some sticky-backed fabric letters for the words.  I can't decide whether it needs a question mark!

And here's a section in closeup.

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  1. this is wonderful Bernice! I love the color combination, how you created the path, and getting a peak at some important events in your life. I'd say no question mark - it's definitely a statement!

  2. very intriguing, i love the way you have interperated this map challenge :)


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