Sunday 18 January 2015

Getting Ready for a new Bible Study

I am hosting another online creative Bible Study through the month of February.  You can find out about it here: The Father Heart of God.

The Bible Study will be on The Father Heart of God blog and I will be showing my creative response to it on this blog.

For this study I decided I would use a zigzag (accordion fold) booklet I already owned.  I wrote about using one of them here. I found a Strathmore mixed media sketchbook I owned and pulled out 6 pages.  On one piece of the paper I worked out how I was going to use the paper.

The booklet is six inches square so I cut the paper down to 5" wide.  With my score board I made a score line at ½" and 5 ".  By folding only on the 5" score and folding the paper under you get a 5" square.  The ½" score line is so I can glue that strip to the booklet.

I decided to use watercolour paints but these techniques will work just as well with waterbased inks.  I just feel I have more control over the paint.   I used some cheap watercolours I bought in the States.

I spritzed water over two pages and added some watered down colours to the page.  I spritzed with water again and moved the papers around do that the paints ran into each other.

I pressed two different types of bubble wrap onto the paper and left the paint to dry.

I spritzed and added paint in the same way on the next two sheets of paper.

This time I pressed scrunched up cling film on top.

The final page had water and paint added as before.

And then I pressed a scrunched up carrier bag to this page.   I saw this in a Creative Jumpstart video by Catherine Scanlon although she did it with watered down acrylic paint.

Here are the results when all the bubble wrap had dried.

I moved on to the back of the papers making sure the first side was totally dry.  I didn't use the bubble wrap this time.

And here are some of the results.

You may have noticed I worked on the papers without cutting them down to size.  I left them uncut so that it didn't matter whether I went off the edge and also that when I came to add another layer I would know which way up the paper went.

When all the papers were dry I chose one colour of Distress Ink.  I love the combination of turquoise with pink and orange but if you use turquoise and orange in wet paint you get brown.  This way you get the clear paint colours and a clear layer of turquoise.   I selected a few stencils and a piece of punchinello (sequin waste).   I randomly added the stencilled areas over the papers.

Then I scored and folded them.

I sorted out which order they will go into the zigzag booklet.

I used another stencil and 3 colours of Distress Ink on the front cover.

I haven't stuck the painted papers in yet so that I can work on each one for each session of the study and stick the page in using doublesided tape.
I do hope you will join me on this journey to find out more about the Father Heart of God.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That sounds wonderful, Bernice. How do I sign on to follow?

    1. Please click through to the Father Heart of God blog and follow the instructions there

  2. Your pages looks amazing! I can't wait to learn more about this study.

  3. These techniques gave your pages great texture! When you pressed the materials onto the color, did you remove them right away, or did you leave them in place until the pages dried?


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