Monday 26 January 2015

Journal Cover

I don't usually decorate the covers of my journals until they are finished but last week I was watching a Ronda Palazzari video on Creative Jumpstart and it inspired me to the cover of the Dylusions journal I am using for Take Me Deeper and Logos365.

Here it is in its plain state.  This is the version that is slightly bigger than 11x8.

I glued some wooden butterflies onto the cover.

I painted over them with gesso.

I applied various colours of acrylic paint with a dry brush.  You can see the scissors holding the elastic up from the book.

At this point I didn't like how bright it was so I brushed on a light layer of gesso.

I painted the butterflies with turquoise pearlescent acrylic paint.

After 2 days of looking for the gilding flakes I eventually found them and glued them to the butterflies.

I thought the acrylic background looked to matte so I put two coats of Gloss Multi Medium over the top although you can't really tell in the photo!

I don't think it's finished but I shall leave it now until inspiration strikes again.  It may be that I only add the numbers 2015 to the bottom left hand corner.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. That's lovely Bernice. The matt medium should help to protect the cover as well as giving the effect you wanted. Have fun filling the journal, I love these Dyan Reavely ones.

  2. Love it- you could leave as is or if it speaks to you later add more- I think it is fantastik. Thanks for being part of Creative JumpStart 2015!

  3. Nicely done - lovely start to what's sure to be a gorgeous journal!

  4. I love how you make yours what Ronda created on her video.
    Beautiful cover!
    Thank you for being part of CJS


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