Wednesday 28 January 2015

Take Me Deeper: Transform Faithfully

The theme for week 4 of Take Me Deeper is Transform Faithfully.  I like to read the devotion and then start on the background of my page.  It may take a day or two do produce as I do a bit and then walk away for a bit - or several hours - and come back and do a bit more.

On this double page I put a variety of washi tape.

Then I put some gesso over the top leaving the marks in it for extra texture.

I rubbed two Distress Ink pads over the dry gesso.

And then tried to blend the colours with a wet wipe.  However that mostly took the colour off because of the gesso underneath.

I put some colour on and didn't try to blend it.

Yet again at this point I wasn't very impressed but battled on adding colour through stencils.  I kept with the three colours of Distress Ink.

Then I stamped the butterflies randomly on the page.

My usual problem is that having made a background, I like it too much to put anything on top.  However since I still wasn't enamoured it was much easier to draw the boxes and put a thin coat of gesso over the spaces inside.  I stuck some sticker letters down.

This verse had stood out in my reading - mostly because it was mentioned by the guest preacher at church on Sunday.

I added my journaling.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Stunning - thank you for sharing how you did each step - it's really helped me.

  2. Thank you for the step by step tutorial with your pictures. Much appreciated.

  3. I loved seeing your process... the transformation of your page. ;) Just lovely.

  4. I love how you built up the journaling blocks. I also love the initial page with just the wash tape strips. Definitely something I will have to remember.

  5. Beautiful page, love your verses and thoughts, too!

  6. I love the way you start doing your background and that's what I'm going to do in the journal I'm doing for She Loves 2 with Tara. I watched some interesting ways of gluing torn scrapbook papers and other ephemera to paste in there. Then put in my ideas writing and drawing possibly. I'm in that stuck position where I'm studying what all I can do with the mediums I have, which is a lot. I thank you so much for showing how you did it step by step and I love how you did it. I need more and more from people like you showing me how to get myself started. Thanks so much Bernice.

  7. Totally gorgeous! I love the colors in the first image, but then you covered them up! lol


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