Monday 23 March 2015

A Productive Day

Yesterday I went to my local crop.  A crop is a gathering of people - usually ladies - who make scrapbook pages.  Except that I don't scrapbook anymore so I took my journals to finish.  The pages of which featured here.

I ended my last post with this photo of the signatures I had put together.

I divided the 4 signatures into 5 and decided to make two journals - one with 3 signatures in and one with 2.   I followed the course instructions (well almost!) and made the cover like a duvet cover.  And it was just as difficult to get the stiffening into the cover as getting a duvet into a duvet cover!

So for the second one I decided to have raw edges and not worry about it.

Here's the first one with ribbon machined on for the closure tie.

And the signature stitches on the spine.

This one just has ribbon tied round it.  I might stitch it to the cover!

Here's a flip through of the two journals.  I went to great lengths to film it so it wasn't wobbly like last time and yet this is the one that YouTube offered to remove the wobbly bits from!

And while I was at the crop I also stitched some more of my 'Tulip' Book - an online class from Ineke Berlyn.  But I'll leave that for another post.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful, you have inspired me Bernice! I'm going to have a go soon! X

  2. where did you get the fabulous fabrics???? I love this, can you teach me how to do this when you are here???? LOVE THIS

    1. They are offcuts of curtain fabrics (drapes to you!) that a friend gave me.

  3. The covers are lovely Bernice and look lovely with the stitching on the spine. But as for the pages.... Oh my... I just want to stroke them! You mentioned in a previous post that you don't know what to do with them but I think that they look stunning as they are and you don't need to do much more. I might add a journaling card or write or sketch in some of the space but I don't think the journal is asking for that. I am so glad that like you I have waited to use my swap journal pages because I am so inspired by your two journals here. I know that they are not your usual style but I hope you enjoyed the process and the end result. I love them!


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