Monday 9 March 2015

Workbook or notebook or what?

In May 2014 I went to a worskshop called Workbook In A Day with Anne Brooke.  While I was there I started on the Workbook using my small Dylusions journal.

Anne showed us how to use this journal as a diary or a notebook or a sketchbook or a workbook - whatever you want it to be.

And these are the pages I started at the workshop.  By the way there are a lot of photos in this blog post!


And these are the ones I started when I was still full of enthusiasm back home.

And then as with most workshops I go to, the enthusiasm wears off and I leave it unfinished.

However recently Anne mentioned on Facebook that she had put a Start Your Workbook workbook on to her Folksy shop.   So I ordered one and it ignited my enthusiasm for my Workbook or whatever I shall decide to call it.

For Anne this style of working is a way of life and her workbooks are works of art in themselves.  I'm still trying to work out whether this is something that totally appeals to me and currently I'm really only copying Anne's ideas until I get creative myself.

Here are some of the pages I've done in the last week.  I don't really do doodling so have copied these from Anne.

I used a stencil and some distress ink for these.

And drew with a black pen using a stencil on this page.

 This one is almost just me!

I hope you have enjoyed all the photos.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Interesting. Are the pages complete or will you be adding to them?

    1. Well you're supposed to add to the pages but with me who knows!

  2. What lovely pages Bernice and I actually liked the ones that you did after the class as much or sometimes more than the ones you did there.

    I do like the idea of starting pages and coming back to them (or not!) ;) You have a lovely selection of ideas and like you I never quite know what to call some of my books because they become so many things!

  3. Hi Bernice, I really needed to see this today. I love your little drawings and painting, they're really great. I've been a little down today, I even sent Tara a long letter to whine I suppose. I did a drawing for TMD and I knew I didn't like it but I sent it anyway. I want to do mixed media like your soldier and girlfriend and the birds, I love that one! And I'm reading a book on doing basic acrylic backgrounds so I tried one she did. Anyway, the only like I got was from Tara and 7 people viewed it. But seeing how you did so many and I really like them all. I feel ready to start doing some of the ones I WANT to do. Or do some of things that come from life. I could go on and on but I am rejuvenated just like you were. Thanks so much for lifting me out of the bog. God bless, I want to see if you add anything to them.

    1. Linda, the picture of the girl & the soldier was a photo I saw in a magazine in an article about the play Birdsong. I just tore it out and stuck it in my book.


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