Sunday 29 March 2015

Cut up!

Remember this?

Well, now it looks like this!

I turned the finished sheet over and cut it up.  I did it from the back so that I couldn't worry about what the image was on the pages of the book I am going to make.    This is the cover.

I had papers left from the workshop that I hadn't used and painted them with watercolour paints.

I put the pages out.

I stuck down the shapes I had cut out of the painted papers.

 I did the same with the other 3 pages.

I rubbed Oil Pastel over the yellow paint and then did a watercolour wash over the top.

I also added some white highlights with an Oil Pastel.

I added some colour to the cover.

I stuck the pages together with double-sided tape and glue stick.

The shape that I used throught the book is based on an Honesty plant.  It is a bit of a cliché but I am going toput Honesty related quotes and Bible verses into the book.  Come back later in the week to see the finished book.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. How creative! I love it, Bernice!

  2. Looking good Bernice. You had fun.

  3. Good things happen when you push it. I'm finding myself thinking the same sorts of things so reading this made me smile.

  4. It looks brilliant Bernice, i love the colours and the cover design. Looking forward to seeing the pages and completed book.

  5. It looks great Bernice. Love the colours!

  6. This is inspiring and looks like loads of fun! I'm gonna try it. Thank you!

  7. Just goregous!
    I would love to someday sit and create with you in person.


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