Tuesday 3 March 2015

Playing with dyes

Last Friday I spent the day at the wonderful studio belonging to Ineke Berlyn.  Ineke showed us how to start with 2 colours of procion dye thickened with Manutex and how mixing these two colours produced a series of other colours.

Then she let us loose on our fabric.  I used calico from Ikea.

I started with Golden Yellow and Cerise.

I did a second series of colours making up a blue/grey and yellowy orange.

On the third cloth I used colours from both colour ranges.  It's a bit messy but will be useful for cutting small bits for embellishments.

I have since washed the cloths that I made.  On the edge of the fabric I had painted each colour so before I washed the cloths I cut those swatches in half to see if there was any difference in colour after the cloth was washed.

The strip on the left is the one that wasn't washed.  On the whole the colours didn't wash out although the original Cerise and Golden Yellow has washed out a bit.  I'm quite glad really as these colours were rather dominant.

In this strip there's hardly any colour difference.

So next time we get together at Ineke's studio I am hoping to make one of these painted fabrics into a textile book.  I am particularly taken with the book that Ineke features in this blog post.

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  1. Love these, esp with all the extra text printing. How did you apply the dye - is it painted or printed?
    That book is gorgeous, was going to ask what you were going to use them for.

  2. The random dye splodges are just the thickened dye splodged on with an old credit card. The text is done with scraping the dye through a Thermofax screen

  3. That top one is totally my color palette! Especially if you threw in a little teal.


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