Tuesday 20 October 2015

And the last one!

I shared our day in Lancaster in my last catching up post.    We spent the next day driving around the area north of Lancaster and then walking up Arnside Knot.  Actually it was more of a climb and I was absolutely exhausted by the time we got to the top.  However the view was worth it!

We walked back down through the woods.

The next day it rained.  Actually it rained for most of 24 hours.  We drove through the Trough of Bowland and then to Clitheroe.  We went to Clitheroe Castle which had quite a good museum.

The view from the top.

Then we drove on to Skipton where we were staying the night as we had preview tickets for Art in the Pen.  Thank you Anne Brooke.

We went on a short boat trip on the canal which gave us a view of Skipton Castle.

And then we went round the castle itself.

On our last day we returned to the Lancaster area to view Ingleton Falls.   We knew because of all the previous day's rainfall there would be lots of water and we weren't disappointed.  I had not noticed in the leaflet that it said this was a strenuous walk!

We walked up the valley seeing these beautiful waterfalls.

Then walked across the top to the next valley.

I had thought that we would be walking downhill all the way.  Not a bit of it!

Eventually we reached the bottom and I was exhausted.  I really do need to do something about my lack of fitness.

 And back through the village to where the car was parked.

 On the way back to the motorway we saw this beautiful meadow.

And spotted this old gypsy caravan.

My summer day's out are complete now.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love that gypsy caravan and the field of flowers.

  2. The waterfall water is amber - gorgeous. Love the bubble pic and the gypsy caravan! Love the architecture and the flowers and the grey sky. These are such a great treasure for my visit via Bernice. LOL Thanks!


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