Tuesday 13 October 2015

Catching up again

I hope you have enjoyed catching up with my short trips away during the summer.  Here's our third outing.  We spent 4 days away this time and I have split the photos into two blog posts.

Despite Roger having been born in Lancashire he had never visited Lancaster - the county town.  Whilst we were driving up to Lancaster, I was texting with my friend Carolyn who lives there asking her what we should visit.

Carolyn's first recommendation was a coffee shop which had some intriguing tables.

And a most unusual toilet (restroom)

Next door was a place to buy coffee.

Then we walked around the town visiting Lancaster Castle which is also a prison.

The view

We walked down to the dockside and went round the Maritime Museum.

And then to the pub for lunch.

Almost everywhere you go in Lancaster (and as you drive past on the M6) you can see this building up on the hill.  It is a folly built by Lord Ashton in memory of his second wife.

We wandered back through the town to the canal.

And then we drove to Sunderland Point - another of Carolyn's recommendations.  Here there is a small hamlet of homes which can be cut off by the tide twice each day.  The tide was out when we were there.

We also walked to Samboo's grave which commemorates the death of a young slave boy in 1796.

After this we drove to Morecambe.  I wanted to see the Eric Morecambe statue but we managed to miss it completely.  However we did see this sculpture from The Tern Project.

This is the famous 1930s Midland Hotel.

We sneaked inside to look at the decor but I only managed one photo as we were being glared at by 3 receptionists.

We had a great day.  Thank you Carolyn for all the advice.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I so enjoy traveling with you through England, Bernice!

  2. Loved this post Bernice. It's a new area to me and one I will add on to my list of places to visit. Today Samboo's grave would be deemed politically incorrect, just shows how things change. Nice that he is remembered and honoured. I especially liked the photos of the coffee shop - the tables and d├ęcor is so interesting! Hope the coffee was good too!
    I think I have seen Sunderland Point on a TV programme. I love quirky places, getting cut off by the tide twice a day appeals to me! Another to go on my list. Thanks Bernice, I love traveling with you and discovering new places.


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