Friday 5 February 2016


This year I am combining the Unplanner from Art to the 5th with One Little Word from Ali Edwards.  I didn't buy the kit from either site but found similar items online.

I wanted to make it simple and bought the Bo Bunny calendar dividers and the weekly pages.  However the weekly pages start on a Sunday and I like my diary pages to start on a Monday!

I am also making 'I am' tags every week.  The project for this is on His Kingdom Come where the 'I am' verses are released in the 2nd and 4th weeks of each month.   I decided I wanted to make one per week so I have found verses for the intervening weeks.

Week 1
I printed out a small photo for each day of our holiday in Texas and stuck these onto my pages.

Week 2
To change the weekly pages to start on Monday, I made some days of the week printouts using a scan of a gelli print that I had done as a background.

Week 3

Week 4

The task for this week was to list 10 books that had changed my life.  Currently I can only think of 5.

On the back of the List Ten, I glued the little card I had made for Roger to show the theatre visit I had booked for him.  This was his Christmas present and the show was on January 23rd.

Week 5

Another Art to the 5th idea is a word for the month under the Dare2B heading.  I chose Dare2B organised.   There are still boxes to go through but at least the room was generally tidy.  I blogged about it here.   I printed the photos on the back of a piece of scrapbooking cardstock.

On each week's page of my Unplanner I have been sticking a word that is a synonym of my word of the year: Purpose.  My OLW pages are in the same binder following on from the planner section.

I put a photo of the storyboard from the Reflections class on the left (the scrapbook cardstock).

Ali provides the fancy lettered headers.

Ali very kindly provided the 'synonyms' header in the February class pack.

I made myself some weight and exercise charts to help keep track.  Unfortunately due to raging toothache and then a muscle injury the exercise hasn't happened for a little while.  Never mind, there's always February.

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  1. Your DLP is turning out so nicely. Making my our things for the inside is the best part. I also really like your "I AM" idea.

  2. Love how you're combining your different projects together into a very unique a personal chronicle of your year. Thankyou for sharing Bernice.

  3. It's good to make your own book and this is coming together well. I celebrate being unique and original and love this!


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