Sunday 7 February 2016

February Sketchbook Challenge

I recently joined a group on Facebook called Sketchbooks and Experiments for Textiles and a challenge was set up to do something creative in a sketchbook every day through February.  I work much better with challenges and accountability so I jumped in.

Day 1

I chose seedheads and started by putting the handmade card I had been sent into the sketchbook and stamped and drew on the page next to it.

Day 2
I stuck this painted paper in that I made when I was doing the Make It Personal class with Hilary Beattie.  I used a string stamp I'd made to stamp in the space.

Day 3
I copied this design from a piece of work I found on Pinterest by textile artist Anne Brooke. Her piece is machine stitched. I drew my 'stitches' with a pen! I have done a class with Anne although not this one!

Day 4
Collaged squares using painted paper, dictionary paper and a map. Seedheads drawn over the top

Day 5
Gelli plate printing fun

I cleaned off my roller in the sketchbook and then stamped on top.

I stuck the gelli print I had made into my sketchbook and then spent most of Friday evening making stitch marks with a pen. Haven't decided whether to fill in the last bit or leave it as contrast.
I left one section blank.  I don't know whether to put 'stitches' in that or leave it as a contrast.  What do you think?

Day 6
Another gelli print stuck into my sketchbook and then some stamped prints on repair tissue glued on top.

Gelli prints, painted papers and dictionary paper collaged together

Most of these pages still need work and I will come back to them but in the meantime I am enjoying randomly adding bits to my sketchbook.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wow! wonderful pages and feeling inspired. I especially like the page where you added so much stitching - it must have taken ages but was well worth it for the effect.


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