Sunday 14 February 2016

February Daily

This is my second post about working daily in my sketchbook through February.  My first post can be found here.

Day 7
A collage using papers I already had.

I went back to this page from last week and woroked into it with Neocolor I crayons.

Day 8
I was trying out a colour exercise from Dina Wakley but it didn't totally work out!

I went back to start working into this.  Still needs work.

Day 9
I made quite a few monprints with my gelli plate limiting the colour scheme. These are just a few of them.  I used sketchbook paper and Deli paper for the prints.

This sketchbook page started from putting the wet stencil from the monoprinting onto the page.  I went back and used Pan Pastels through the stencil on the left.

Day 10
A collaged background using some of the monoprints plus some other bits.

Day 11
I glued one of the monoprints into my sketchbook and then collaged the pieces on the right.  I drew round the image of the leaf on the left that was part of the monoprint.

Day 12
Another collage.

Day 13
I limited myself to a few sheets of paper on the table next to me and used the same papers in each of these 3" square collages.  When the glue was dry I used a bottle top and white acrylic paint to stamp circles and then sketched over the top with a black pen.

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  1. All of these are gorgeous.

  2. Loved these Bernice, especially Day 13. You are on a roll!


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