Monday 22 February 2016

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This is my third post about daily entries in my sketchbook.  Last week's post is here: February Daily.

Day 14
I scraped grey paint (rather too thickly) through a dandelion stencil on a piece of painted paper. I cut the paper into 3 inch squares and then each square into 5 strips. I mixed up all the strips and reassembled them.

Day 15
Another collage using the gelli prints plus some previously printed repair tissue

Day 16
A monoprint stuck into my sketchbook with bits of stencilled repair tissue on top and then leaves stencilled with black paint

Day 17
Stencilling and mark making

Rolled a mix of paints with a brayer as a background and then stencilled over

Day 18
Piece of paper where I cleaned up the paint I'd been using. Stuck into my sketchbook and stencilled over with a black pen and then doodled on.

Day 19
I went off-piste with a page in my sketchbook today. I read in Cas Holmes' Stitch Stories book about putting paper napkin over a map. I have used paper napkins before but not over a map. The method in the book seemed very complicated and involved bondaweb and other stuff. I just used gel medium as I usually do.

Back on course!
A piece of painted paper from a previous course with some stamping and a photo on the left. When I pluck up the courage I'll have a go at drawing on the painted paper

A photo I took of grasses. I tried making the image bigger and changing it to greyscale and to black and white. I drew with a water brush and some watercolours.

Day 20
I attended a printing workshop today and used some thermofax screens to print on this Khadi paper. At home I stuck the paper into my sketchbook and did the stitch lines with a pen.

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  1. These are great. I especially like Day #15.

  2. Wow! So productive! I love all these Bernice, so many great ideas shared.


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