Monday 20 March 2017

Bloxwich to Pelsall

Last week Roger and I went for another of our canal walks.  We took the train to Bloxwich and walked from there to Pelsall along the Wyrley and Essington Canal.

I have so many photos from all our canal walks and there are only so many photos of brown water going round a bend that one person could want.

So I decided to be a little more intentional about my photographs.


I don't usually take photographs of grafitti because usually I can't tell what they say and I worry that it might be something rude.  However the quality of this art and the shading was so good.

And here are a couple of abstract art reflections.

Despite being intentional I still came home with 43 photographs.  However that's less than half of what I usually take.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your photo of the tree emerging and lifting the cement stone wall is very inspirational - what a tiny seed can accomplish. I think of the Bible verse that talks about moving mountains with faith and the song that says an ant can move a rubber tree plant - High Hopes. Thanks for a nice morning starter.

  2. Beautiful photos! Great shot of the bridges.

  3. I enjoyed your pictures, have been homesick for another visit, but your pictures are as close as I can get. My last "holiday" there was 4 years ago.


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