Friday 17 March 2017

Ruth Issett workshop

I recently attended a two day workshop organised by Becca of Textile Explorations.  It was held in a fabulous community association building in Yate near Bristol.

The workshop was taught by Ruth Issett who is well known for her colour expertise.   The first process of the day was to dye 9 main colours.   Ruth had chosen Antique Gold, Golden, Lemon, Magenta, Carmine Red, Scarlet, Medium Blue, Cerulean Blue and Turquoise.

Here are all my fabrics, dried and ironed.  (Yes! I picked up an iron!)

The second process involved choosing 2 colours which we mixed in 3 different proportions to create a family of colour.  Here are mine drying overnight.

And altogether before ironing.  Yes I ironed these as well.

I recorded the colour mixing for each set of 2 colours.

Two of the colour families followed on from each other.

I love this bundle of threads that frayed from the fabrics.

These are all the little bits I cut of each strip I stuck into my sketchbook.

I used some of the little bits to make these colour collages which need to be stitched.

The two days were fantastic.  I learned such a lot.

Thank you Becca for organising the workshop.  And thanks to Ruth for her excellent teaching.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Now that looks my kind of workshop! Loved your colours and way you recorded the process.

  2. Your colors are fabulous! I especially love the tangle of threads. I have collected "tangles" over the years and once set a bundle onto a plastic covered ball of aluminum foil. The ball had first been dipped into a clear hardening agent that is not toxic - here in the states called Elmer's Art Paste. After drying overnight and released from the "form" then dried another day, it made the most wonderful bird's nest. I put blown, colored egg in it along with a feather or two and a sweet sentiment written on a tiny piece of paper in the bottom. It was so pretty and fun to display, I made a bunch more as gifts. Hope you do something wonderful with your tangle.

    1. The ball of tangles (not the ball of foil) had been dipped in the glue.


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