Monday 6 March 2017

Call to Adventure #8

The challenge for the week was to spend time in or near water, to watch how it flows around obstacles, and to photograph it in different guises.

Roger & I went to Charlecote Park on a rather blustery day.  We walked through the parkland past the lake and down to the river.  It was a dull day apart from the odd break in the clouds so the photos are fairly monochrome.

 The sun's reflection in the reed bed.

 The wind was making waves on the lake

 Tree reflections in a muddy puddle

  The river

 Water falling down a steep weir

Flood water draining away

 The foam in the river

A shallow weir with much more water flowing over it

The wind playing with the water

Looking down onto the weir

The water in this stream was flowing left to right but the wind was rippling the water right to left.

Looking down on the water from a bridge

Despite the wind and the lack of sunshine this was an enjoyable exercise in looking at water differently from the way I normally photograph it.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I loved how you caught so many different effects Bernice! That was a good place to go for your photos, so many opportunities. Water always fascinates me and your photos show why. It's tranquillity, reflections, playfulness and turbulence. I especially like the reflection of the tree in muddy water. I haven't done this one yet but look forward to doing so. I don't think I will have the variety you have unless I travel out a little further but I had thought to go local as we live at the source and that always fascinates me how the water grows into something as big as the sea. Well done on this, it is not a competition but your photos will be hard to match.

    1. Thank you Sandie. You always take fabulous photos.

  2. Oh boy! The tree reflected into the muddy water is fantastic! I enjoyed your exercise in water studies, thanks.

  3. What a fantastic collection of water in all its guises, and on one trip even.

  4. Gorgeous photos - so many personalities and moods of water. hugs, Teresa

  5. Water is so variable, and I love all the different ways you've captured its essence here.


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