Friday 3 March 2017

ExTex: Penultimate Post

I hadn't realised it was such a long time since I have written about ExTex.  The last time was Session 4 and next week is the final session - Session 9.

Session 5 was about experimenting with weaving, knitting, needlefelting and wet felting.

The homework was to use one (or more) of these techniques to produce a 3D something.  I made this wet felted vase.

At Session 6 we used Transfer Paints.  I really wasn't enamoured with these but I'm quite pleased with this homework that used the dyed fabric and felt.

Session 7 was a mix of things.  Firstly we dyed fabrics.  At home after I had washed and dried the fabrics I made this colour wheel.

I also tried out the different colours on a dyed background with coloured stitching in the hope it would show how colours react with one another.

We also played with Tyvek and Lutradur.

At our penultimate session we played with Kim's technique of 'Backgrounds & Pretties' made with dyed or painted newspaper.  I backed one of my 'pretties' with painted Lutradur.

And we made beads with different synthetic materials including cellophane and crisp packets.

I've spent the time since trying to complete all the rest of the samples I need for my workbook and which maybe chosen for the exhibition at the NEC in a couple of weeks.

This sample is made from a baby wipe that I had used to clean one of the stamps I made.  It is stitched on to some fabric I had painted on a different course and some bits of painted Tyvek was added.

At session 8 Kim talked about different ways to raise the surface on a piece of work.  I stamped a piece of Lutradur with modeling paste using one of the stamps I made.  Then I painted it with Seth Apter Paper Artsy paints.  I also used some copper paint.  I stitched into it with seed stitch.

A close up

After the NEC show I'll share some photos of the exhibition and my finished piece which is still in the making and I have only 5 days left to finish it!!!!

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  2. Am loving that last piece! (Sorry for deleted comment, was trying to post via my google account but blogger is coming up instead.. :-/ ) Becca xx

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun on that course Bernice. Well done. :)

  4. It's good to see more of your work Bernice. I hope you enjoyed the course overall and that you learnt something from the experience - it will be interesting to have your work included in the exhibition. I wonder how you will use some of these things?

  5. This is lovely work Bernice!

  6. Oh these are wonderful Bernice. So textural and interesting. That color wheel is a show stopper!

  7. Oh my Bernice, I hope you don't mind I take some of this inspiration and try it myself, even though I don't know your procedures, I do understand various techniques of my own and will have a ball. What are Seth Apter Paints like?


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