Friday 10 March 2017

One Little Word: February

It was suggested that we pick a daily practice for the month of February. I chose to get dressed straight after breakfast everyday.  As I said in my previous OLW post my choice might not seem much to you but it's quite a biggie for me.  When I was working I could get up at 6.55am and be out of the house an hour later.  These days it can be as late as 11 o'clock before I get dressed and much of the hours after breakfast are spent in PJs and dressing gown sitting at the computer.  Sometimes I work but mostly it's Facebook and Pinterest.

And I achieved it everyday for 28 days!  Yeah!

For various reasons I didn't add any extra exercise to my hour on a Monday at the gym but I am being kind to myself and not worrying about it.

I signed up for Ali's Story Kit 'Bond' because I felt it fitted with my word {Connect}.  However it took quite a while to arrive and I haven't done anything with apart from taking the together card out of it and using it in my February page.  I listed the things where Roger & I had intentionally gone out and spent time together.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It's looking good Bernice. Well done on meeting your February challenge.


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