Saturday 31 March 2018

Art Cloth Day 2 part 2

Earlier in the week I showed you what I had been doing on the Art Cloth workshop.  We had a really busy day.  So far I have shown you the breakdown printing and the masking tape printing.

We moved on to using soya wax.  I didn't get on with it at all.  I suspect it's a technique you really need to practise.

Then we moved on to making stencils and masks from newspaper.   I made a spiral.  I used brown thickened dye to print through the paper stencil.  I used blue which turned green because I didn't wait for the brown spirals to dry when using the mask.

At home I decided I would tray dye this fabric to get rid of the white.

I mixed Old Gold in one pot and Merlot (dye powder not the wine) in the other.

And poured it on.  At this point I was not particularly hopeful because I hadn't really followed the instructions for dyeing.

I left it soaking for several hours before rinsing and drying.  Here's both sides of the fabric.

I don't like it much but then I often don't.  Next time I'll print on it with acrylic or fabric paint and the time after we're trying out Formosul so maybe I'll be able to calm the colour down a bit.

Thanks for joining me today.

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