Saturday 17 March 2018

Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource

I recently attended a workshop, Developing sketchbooks as a rich resource organised by Becca from Textile Explorations.  We had an amazing two days with Amanda Hislop.  Lots of photos to follow.
Photo by Becca Birtles

On the first day Amanda talked about her sketchbooks and the techniques she uses.  Her books are gorgeous and I sat and stroked them at various points over the weekend.

Our first activity was to glue pieces of tissue onto large sheets of paper and then to make marks using black ink, brown ink and wax candle.  We used 'cola' pens and other mark making tools.

We used large sheets of teabag paper to mop up the excess ink and water.  When this was dry it was a useful addition to our later mini collages.

Amanda suggest we cut one of these sheets up to make a small zigzag book.  I have done this with her before so knew what was coming.  I kept very quiet (I know - unusual!) and there were lots of oos and ahhs when folks saw the finished little book.

Now some of you who haven't done any of this before may have looked at the photos above and thought 'what a mess!'  That's ok because mostly it was but then the magic happens.  And through the rest of the first day and into the second I identified small parts of these papers worth cutting out and stuck them into my sketchbook ready to work on them later.

Teabag paper

And here are some of the pages with added marks.

 I had a lovely time.  If you want to read more about the weekend  you can do on Becca's blog.

Thank you for joining me today.

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  1. The texture and the colors are so rich! Love looking at these.


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