Saturday 3 March 2018

February in my EveryDay Journal

I have kept my EveryDay Journal going throughout February.   It's a mix of planner/diary/journal etc etc.  Anything I want it to be really.

I used an unfinished gelli print for the month page.  I coloured round the edge with gelatos.

I love the washi tape I bought for the days of the week.  I'm just hoping there's enough for the whole year as I haven't been able to find someone who is selling it.

I had a blank page so I printed out 4 of the 5 photos I used for the winter theme for my ladies photography group: Snapshot Girls.

Ash Wednesday brought Mary Brack's Lent Words project.  I decided that I would write out a Bible verse for each day.

I joined a free 7 day online Winter Writing Workshop.  I wrote days 1-3 in my journal.

As you can see I haven't really done anything much with my word of the year, Gratitude, this month.

I loved the Marianne Williamson quote so I put it in the journal.

 I printed out days 4 & 5 of the Winter Writing Workshop and stuck them in.

I didn't do the writing for days 6 & 7 as I didn't feel they were relevant to me.

Here's the month page for March.  I used some scrapbook paper and drew the boxes on for each day.  I haven't decided yet how I will finish the page.

Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. I'm impressed! It's good when you design and make your own journal because it is personal and fits what you want it to do and be. Keep up the good work!!

  2. You amaze me with all the things you keep up with! Photography, writing, art journaling, textile...amazing!


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