Tuesday 13 March 2018

Book of Trees

I know! I said I wouldn't do any more online classes but anything about making books has my name on it!  I signed up for Roxanne Evans Stout's 'Book of Trees'.

I put pieces of fabric on each of these torn pages made of watercolour paper.

And put paper on the other side.

I added gesso in places on the pages and then went around the edges with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  I spread the ink using a wet wipe.

I started this in mid-November and this is as far as I had managed to do.  Life got in the way for a bit and so in the past couple of months I have done a little bit to a page every now and again and joy of joys it's finished.

Well, when I say finished - any of the pages could quite easily take more words and images.  So let's say it's finished for now!

The book is approximately A5.


To bind it, I used twine.  Sadly I couldn't find the brown twine (in a safe place somewhere) so I used green.  I used a twig on the front

and a coffee stirrer on the back because I was too lazy to look for another twig!

 I am pleased with it. I love how the colours have turned out.  If I do it again I think I will make a smaller book - maybe A6.

 Thanks for joining me today


  1. Well done Bernice you are further ahead than me, but l do have a big bag of bits collected ready for when I start. I spotted some of the prints that I sent you, glad they came in useful. I’m looking forward to getting started and love the ideas you used here. The colours and effects look really good. High five finishing!

  2. I like the leaves you choose and the colors. thanks for sharing.


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