Tuesday 12 October 2021

Journal update August and September

It's hard to believe it's over 2 months since I last did a Journal Update.  I have mostly kept up with it although interest is waning.  That's not unusal to be honest.  Most years I've lost interest by June.

I tend to fill in the calendar at the end of the month to record what I've done.  This might change now there's less likelihood of cancellations.

Here's one of my diary pages.  I fill in the gaps with photos from the month.

My To Do lists.  Rather than list what I'll do in each day I list the aim for the whole week.  This gives me flexibility.

I also use photos of my grandchildren in the spaces but I don't share those online.

September is the last of the Dutch doot cutoutsand even with this one I glued it to the page behind!

At last - in person workshops on the calendar

September diary pages

To Do pages

January to December completely filled the book.  I bought a new one which I hope will last right through 2022.  As Valerie isn't repeating Plan With Me in 2022 so I shall only be doing the calendar, diary pages and To Do lists.  I thought I would do that from this month onward.


Thanks for joining me today.

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