Tuesday 26 October 2021

Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play 4

I spent 5 days last week at Committed to Cloth. This was my last week at the C2C studio as it is closing next month.  Leslie is retiring and planning to spend some time working on her own work.  I am excited to see what she makes.

This was my fourth time of doing 'Unlocking the Mystery of Creative Play'.  You would have thought I would have unlocked it by now!

You may have noticed in recent posts that I have been making both paper and fabric collages and last week I continued the theme.  I started by making a concertina book.   I usually make small collages which are centred within a page so I set myself the challenge of covering the whole paper.  I used papers I had taken with me.

As I said, I like to work small so I challenged myself to work much larger.  I used papers taken from an amazing German art supplies catalogue.

This is about A2 size and as I worked on it I kept turning the paper round until all the white paper was covered.

I also photographed it in other ways up.

I moved on to another large collage

I don't usually work with dark colours so I had some interesting conversations with Leslie and with Amanda Duke about contrast.

Watch out for another post on Saturday about what I did next!

Thanks for joining me today


  1. Love it so far Bernice. I would also like to know more about that sorceof papers.❤️

  2. Bernice - Your collage work is just wonderful! I, too, would like to know more about the art supply catalogue. I loved the little video - the concertina sketchbook is to die for. Hope you do more of this kind of thing - the work just seems to sing.


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