Saturday 7 May 2022

Getting stuck!

Well having finished the two exploding books, I was stuck.  I didn't know what to do next.  So I read some books on Kindle Unlimited and played Solitaire.  Not really very creative!

However in the back of mind was always 'What shall I do with this?' This being several pieces of cotton fabric that I had used breakdown printing to print on.

I put the photo on my Facebook page and asked the question there.  One of the suggestions was to cut it up and sell it.  I did so with the squarish piece bottom left.

I'm really not fond of the green and one of the other suggestions was to overdye the fabrics.  I still might try that.

The thing is - do I look at the fabric and say 'aqueducts and canals' or do I look at it and say 'Venice architecture'.

I decided I'd play with the latter idea first.  I got out my Venice colours of fabric paint.

I cut the right hand piece off the wide fabric.

I used the paint through some Thermofax screens but the paint was a bit too runny an splurged too much.

I printed onto repair tissue instead.

Then I tore pieces of the printed tissue and using gel medium, glued it to the fabric.

I certainly had more control with the repair tissue.  But the fabric is still too green for Venice.

Back to the drawing board!

Thanks for joining me today


  1. Fascinated by your use of repair tissue Bernice, where did you get it from?



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