Tuesday 31 May 2022

What format?

Do you struggle when you start a new project?  Does indecision make your choice difficult?  I can be pretty hopeless about making decisions about something really simple.  Choosing a journal to use for my word of the year!!!  Or choosing a sketchbook for a project!

In the photo above there are 4 sketchbooks laid out.  The purple one is an 11" square spiral bound sketchbook.

There's an A4 and an A5 concertina sketchbook.

Or there's this Seawhite Octopus sketchbook.

And that doesn't include any of the clothbound standard sketchbooks I could use.

My problem is that there's far too much choice available.  The same applies to food, wallpaper, carpets, clothes - I could go on!  Life was probably easier in the time of Henry Ford when he said "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it is black".

In my last post I mentioned I am about to start a new project.  Unusually for me, I have done some research and I want to record it in a sketchook.

But which one to choose!

Any of the four above would work.  Why do I find it so hard?

If you have to make choices how do you deal with it?

Thanks for joining me today


  1. All the time. Each year when I start a new word of the year journal, the starting part is the hardest. So many possibilities 😌. Once I start though it seems I'm over the hump and the downhill takes overn 😁 I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. As Sandra Brownlee comments, "you just have to begin". If any of them will do then just close your eyes and pick one and see where it takes you, it's the exploration that will move you on with your project, and that is the fun bit.
    Having said that, I am a past master at not beginning because, just like you, I can't make up my mind!! I wonder if it comes from being a perfectionist?

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