Saturday 21 October 2023

Creeks, Loops and Fighterworld

We stayed in the Hunter Valley from Sunday to Friday.  Andy had lots of activities planned.  There aren't many photos in this post of the actual activities as I was mostly taking photos  of the grandchildren and I don't share those on social media.  There are two exceptions in this post.

Monday morning saw an early visit by the kangaroos - hoping for breakfast.

We visited a special sculpture trail called Sculpture on the Farm.  I don't think we had explained to the children that there were no animals on the farm.  However they enjoyed looking at the various sculptures and choosing their favourite to vote for at the end.

I liked this one because of the shadow it made against the wall behind it.

Back at the holiday home a Kookaburra came to visit on the decking.

I love this photo that looks as if Andy and C are playing Piggy-in-the-Middle with a kangaroo.

As there was no water supply to the holiday house, the owners moved us to The Carriageway.  We were moving there on Wednesday anyway, so it was only a couple of nights early.

We stayed in one of the cabins in a row that was made to look a bit like a station.

The family stayed in a converted railway carriage.

The train line was very close.  This was the view from the back of our cabin.

We went out to find a creek.  It took 3 goes until we found one with sufficient water in it.  This is Telegherry Creek.  There was lots of paddling and dam building - but obviously not by me!

Wednesday saw us setting out for another creek in Barrington Tops National Park.  This one had plenty of water and a loop walk of 3.5km.  Plus more dam building and some swimming.

And a chance to get a photo of the scenery on the way home.

On Thursday we visited Fighterworld at RAAF Williamtown outside Newcastle.  It's a museum about fighter planes.  

C landing a plane in the simulator

We went to have lunch in a small town called Paterson, where we saw this quirky cemetery.

A full few days with another one to come on our way back to Sydney.

Thanks for joining me today


  1. Some fascinating sculptures. How lovely to enjoy fun by the creek together … and to have a visit from a kookaburra!


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