Tuesday 17 October 2023

For my armchair travel lovers

We have just got back from 3 weeks in Australia and over a series of posts I am going to share some of our adventures.  I'm going to post 3 times a week for the next 2 weeks so that all my posts are finished by the end of the month.  Otherwise telling you about my travels takes longer than the trip itself!

We flew into Sydney at 5.10am on a Monday morning, September 25th.  Ours was the only plane to have landed at that time, and we were through security, collected our luggage and transported by our son to his home by 6.15am  Most of that time had been waiting to get off the plane!

We had a leisurely day.  We walked along the promenade to meet Andy & Naomi at the sailing club for lunch.  In the afternoon we checked into our Airbnb - the one we used last year - and later had dinner with the family.

Day 2 involved taking the ferry to Manly - a trip we do every time we visit Sydney.   We wanted to do something different this time and the very nice lady in the Visitor Information Centre suggested we went to the Luggage Museum.  We walked via Shelley Beach

The luggage museum turned out to be much more than that.  It was the quarantine station for people who were ill when the ships arrived in the 19th century.  There was lots of information about how the people were treated.  

On Wednesday Roger went for a walk by himself, Andy went on a retreat with work colleagues and Naomi and I took the children to a LARGE Christian Bookshop where I gave the children an amount of money to spend and they could choose their own books.  It was a very interesting selection.  I felt it was better for them to choose something they wanted than us turning up with presents that they already had or weren't interested in. 

Next day, Roger and I took the train a few stops towards Sydney and then walked along the Cooks River from Tempe to Canterbury.

Friday was the last day that Roger and I spent doing our own thing.  Firstly we went to Pyrmont, an area southwest of the Sydney CBD.  It was quite a hot day.  

I had picked up a leaflet about Pyrmont's historic walking trail and as we hadn't visited the area before thought it would be a good idea.  Not really!  I wish I had read the leaflet before we got there.  It turned out that most of the historic buildings had been demolished.

We took the light rail to Rozelle which was the nearest station to Balmain - another area we had not been to.  It was much further away than we thought.  At one point a kind lady took pity on us and gave us a lift up a steep hill for about a mile in her car.  She took us to the main street in Rozelle and then we walked another mile - which seemed like about 5 to a pub where we had lunch.

We walked down to the ferry and went back to central Sydney and back to Andy's house on the train and bus.  Naomi and I went out to a Greek restaurant for dinner and Andy & Roger had a Thai takeaway.  I loved having time with Naomi on our own.

We had moved out of our Airbnb to Andy and Naomi's and Andy had an exciting weekend planned for all of us.

Come back on Thursday to find out what we got up to.

Thanks for joining me today



  2. Hi,
    Sorry I am a bit late to the party on this one! A nice way to record your travels. All very interesting. I recall visiting Manly and the Quarantine Station there.

    1. We hadn't heard of it and we've visited Manly so many times


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