Saturday 28 October 2023

Please obey all traffic regulations

On Tuesday we picked up a hire car (rental) and got an upgrade.  Oh Yeah.

Roger drove us south, mostly along the coast of Western Australia until we reached Mandurah.  We had a walkabout the quayside.

Part of the walk was called Venetian Canals Walk.  This was part of it.  Mmmm!  I somehow feel no-one from the town had ever visited Venice!

We drove on south and stopped for lunch in Bunbury.  This was the view from the restaurant.

We continued south to Busselton where we checked in to our accommodation.  The Airbnb in Fremantle was booked well in advance but on the road trip we decide where we will get to the next night and then find somewhere on

We took an early evening drive to Cape Naturaliste.  This was the nearest I got to photographing a sunset the whole 3 week trip!

The lighthouse was on the headland and we walked a loop around it hoping to see whales out in the bay.  We didn't.

Wednesday morning we went to see Bussleton Jetty.  A train runs along it and we did consider walking the length of the pier (1.7km) and possibly getting the train back but in the end we got in the car and continued our journey south.

We stopped at Yallingup where we saw amazing waves and people being taught to surf.

Then a short drive away we came to Canal Rocks.

Personally I think I'd call them fissures in the rock not canals  But there again if the signpost had said Fissure Rocks we might not have bothered to drive to them.

We continued on through Margaret River, Prevelly and Augusta, getting to another lighthouse which was shut.

Further along the south coast but a little way inland we came to Pemberton where we had booked a room at  Forest Lodge.  The room turned out to be a cabin in beautiful grounds.

And with these guys as neighbours.

We had dinner at the hotel in Pemberton sharing a table with an Australian couple from Queensland. They were Avocado farmers so we had a really interesting evening asking them about that.
Thanks for joining me today.

Oh and why the title? 
Because if we dared go even 1 kph over the speed limit the satnav would say 'Please obey all traffic regulations'.  She also warned us when we came to railway crossings - even those where the rails had been removed.  Of course we could have turned the voice off if only we had known how.


  1. Fascinating to see the western side of Australia. Some spectacular seascapes along with company from kangaroos and your friendly satnav buddy! 🚙 🦘


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