Thursday 26 October 2023

Fremantle & Perth

We began the next stage of our holiday by flying from Sydney to Perth.  We took the train from the airport to Fremantle where I had booked an Airbnb which turned out to be totally amazing.

After checking in we went a wander around Fremantle.

On Sunday we took a tour of Fremantle Prison.

I was intrigued by the exhibition called Dancing in Fetters.

We had lunch by the beach and then went round the Maritime Museum.  There was a whole exhibition about how Australia won the America's Cup ( a yacht race).  I'm not a fan of maritime museums - I feel like I've seen one - I've seen them all, But Roger is a fan and if there's such a museum wherever we are, he has to visit it.  I liked this Lego replica of Australia 2 which was the winning yacht.

Next we took a boat trip up the river from Fremantle to Perth.  We took a free bus to Kings Park.

The next day we returned to Perth - this time by train.  We wanted to see the black swans at Lake Monger.  It was rather hot day and after walking from the station to the lake and then around the lake I was beginning to be somewhat irritable as there was no sign of swans, let alone black ones.  We had almost finished walking round the lake when we spotted one black swan and a few yards on, another swan with some fluffy cygnets.

We returned to the city centre and visited the Art Gallery of Western Australia.   The building was impressive but I didn't much like the art.

We moved on to the Western Australia Museum.  I wish we had not bothered with the Art Gallery as we had so little time at the museum due to arriving too close to closing time.  One of the galleries was about Connections.

I have struggled with the latest trend in art and textile circles about working on Sense of Place.  It hasn't captured my attention or thoughts.  However 'our place in the world' makes more sense to me.

This is the description of part of the gallery.

This got me thinking about my connection to Australia.  Not only the fact that my son and his family live there, but that my father was born there.  It has set me off on some interesting research which I will share with you in another post.

We returned to Fremantle and spent our last evening there having dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We had eaten there the night before too.

On our walk back to our Airbnb I took this photo of the Fremantle Markets building.  We had visited the market on Sunday morning.

Coming up: a road trip in Western Australia

Thanks for joining me today


  1. Fremantle looks fascinating with an a really interesting heritage in its buildings and port side.

    1. Yes we were pleased we chose to stay in Fremantle rather than Perth


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