Tuesday 7 May 2024

Creative Writing

At my church I facilitate a group for those who enjoy creative writing.  I set up the group at the beginning of Lockdown 1 on Zoom.   We have remained meeting on zoom most months.

Recently we had our second in-person get-together.  I set us the task of writing on either the theme of River or Lost and/or Found.

In my recent posts on travelling around Wiltshire you might remember I mentioned the problems I had with the satnav.  This inspired my 15 minute piece of writing.


The satnav screen showed an arrow ploughing through farmers’ fields. Running parallel to the A road the car was actually travelling on. Sometimes there was just a grid. Totally lost. Not knowing where I was. No signs. Just following the ribbon of tarmac in the fond hope I was travelling north and would eventually arrive at my destination. 

‘Turn left onto Friday Street.
Do a U-turn and continue on Friday Street.
Go South East on Friday Street.
Turn right and continue on Friday Street.’ 

The satnav’s voice seemed to get more anxious as it blurted out a stream of nonsensical instructions. At any moment I thought it was going to self-destruct. 

And just as it seemed on the verge of giving up, the voice calmly said:
‘At the roundabout take the second exit and stay on the A342.’ 

At last, the satnav had found its way. 


Thanks for joining me today


  1. It was a really encouraging evening and we all managed to write some words that were in us ready and waiting to be expressed. It was therapeutic and quite spiritual really. I hadn’t thought about what I wrote for decades in “Lost and Found” so it was quite surprising. Thanks for facilitating the group.


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