Tuesday 21 May 2024


The photography theme for the last month has been Nostalgia.

Old lampshades

1930s (or maybe 1950s) mirrors

Cowlips grew in my maternal grandparents garden

Primroses remind me of walks in Pembrokeshire.  There was one particular lane where the verge was awash with primroses.

Cherry blossom always reminds me of the first pair of glasses I ever had aged 9.  It was on the way home from the Opticians that I discovered how pink the blossom is.  I hadn't known it was that pink.

The poem Adlestrop has been a favourite of mine since I was a teenager.  It is very nostalgic.  The sign is the only thing left of the original station.

On the rare occasion we visited my paternal grandmother there was always a big pile of Woman's Weekly to read.

Thanks for being here today. See you next time. 

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