Thursday 21 March 2013

Gelli Plate: Dina style

On Monday this week I spent the day at Art from the Heart with some lovely ladies and the amazing Dina Wakley.

We spent our time producing a variety of monoprints using a Gelli plate and stencils. 

One of the lovely ladies had brought this gorgeous Crafter's Workshop stencil with her and I was able to have a go with it.  As you might imagine the stencil is on my wish list.

And here is the one I like best.

Dina provided us with lots of different papers to print on and lots of encouragement and tuition.

I tried to use different colours and stencils.

We made our own stamps from fun foam.

We used deli paper.  I scrunched up the deli paper in the left hand one to see if that made any difference to the result.

I ended up with 30 different prints from which we had to choose 4 to make into an A6 size book.  We were given some tags as well.  After dinner, Maggie and I sat in her hotel room and stamped and stencilled on our finished book.

One of the reason I took the class was because I wasn't convinced about the need for a Gelli plate.  After all I knew how to do monoprinting using a glass plate.

Guess what!  I came home with a Gelli plate.  I'm looking forward to having an extended play with it.  But first I need to stock up on stencils. 

Thanks to Dina and Maggie for a lovely day.


  1. Right now, I think my Gelli Plate is my very favorite toy. :)

  2. You mean you don't have enough stencils? I was looking at that stencil online the other day and thinking how lovely it was.

    I'm very interested that you find the gelli plate different to a piece of glass. would we be able to print directly into journals with it or only onto paper?

    Love what you've made and v glad I didn't have to choose just 4 from 30!

  3. Beautiful work Bernice ... lucky you!!! You can never have too many stencils I say!!! :)

  4. Cool! Your prints look great. And I love your stamps. How did you make them?

  5. So glad you got to do this class! I loved the one I went to! Makes me want to bust out that Gelli plate again..hmmmmm.

  6. I don't know what a Gelli plate is, but I am very impressed by your stamp.

  7. Just popped over from the Gelli Facebook page - I love what you've done here - that tree stencil is now on MY wishlist! In answer to Carolyn's question (above) I have seen a short video of a lady who did Gelli printing straight into journals. I'll see if I can find the link and get back to you.

    Looks like you had lots of fun - I wish I could get to AFTH workshops but it's a bit too far to get to :(

  8. Ok I'm back, found the link for printing straight into your journal. It isn't ground breaking stuff but quite interesting ;)

  9. Love your prints and especially your final book - gorgeous! So glad you had a good time and decided to get yourself a Gelli plate!
    Nancy Kelley
    Gelli Arts

  10. Your pages are gorgeous!
    I love my Gelli! I convinced my friend to get one too, and she loves it so far.

    I have never seen such pretty fun foam stamps. I have only done basic shapes like rectangles and circles. How do you cut the "veins" in the leaves out?

    Thank you!

    1. We drew the leaves on the fun foam and cut them out. I drew the veins with a ball point pen. You could use a pencil.

  11. How lovely they all are! The lovely plant foam stamp you made what die did you use to make it please? It is lovely!

    1. I drew the leaves myself. I only know how to draw leaves and hearts!

  12. Oh gosh, you clever girl you, they are fantastic, no way I could do anything like that! Beautiful, you should go into stamp design, I would buy them! x


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