Thursday 6 February 2014

Identity: in Christ

After the introductory talk, In Christ is the first of six talks on Identity.

As before, I answered some of the questions in my notebook.

In my art journal I wanted to do something about being wrapped in a cloak as though wrapped around by Christ.  But I couldn't think how to do that and I don't draw people in my art journals!

It came to me that I could use the same sack images from the Crisis page but have them black - filled with the rubbish from my old life and put them at the foot of the cross.  I drew this out in pencil on the next page in the journal.

I coloured in with water soluble coloured pencils and went over the colouring with a water brush.  I used a silver pen to write the words on the sacks.  I wrote the word forgiven with a black pen and drew round the letters with the silver pen.  As I was using the silver pen I realised I was wrapping the word. So without thinking about it I had managed to wrap Jesus round my life after all.

I drew the dashed line in turquoise aound the page.  Here are the two pages togther.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love your pages and all the meaning on them! Beautiful!

  2. Love your thoughts on wrapping Jesus around your life.

  3. I decided to create my pages before I look at yours, unless I need more inspiration after listening to Ron's impressions. We seem to have some similar 'issues'...such as :hiding, and owning the authority and power that is ours when we pray! So happy that I have found your blog!! I hope to share more as we go on. Blessings to you, Jackie


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