Wednesday 26 February 2014

Journal Quilts

With my return to textiles during 2014 I am doing an online Journal Quilts class with Ineke Berlyn.  I hadn't heard of Journal Quilts until I went to an exhibition at Ineke's studio.

Despite not having a clue what I was doing I survived January's quilt.  Ineke sends instructions to follow and I almost managed to stick with the brief.  I am a tutor's nightmare because I always want to do something different.   Here is my sketchbook.

And this is my unbound A4 sized finished piece.  I haven't bound it because I'm waiting to see what the other months look like and whether I bind them all to match.

As you can see from the finished January quilt I didn't use the building shape that I liked.  However the opportunity came with the instructions for the February quilt. I played about with the size of the building in my sketchbook and made a foam stamp.

 I painted my sketchbook page with watercolours and stamped my building shape.  I also 'stamped' the grasses with a piece of card and some acrylic paint.  I printed out my original photo in black and white and painted it with watercolours.

I used some bought fabric for the land and some painted cotton for the sky.  I used Markal paintsticks to make the tree shadow in the background.

I handstitched the shading.

I machined stitched the quilt.  It is still unbound but I cropped the photo.

The grasses are a bit out of proportion with the building! But hey, isn't that what artistic license is about?

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  1. They look fantastic and a something a bit different.

  2. I am enjoying following your a quilt journey. I am beginning to see them from a different perspective. Beautiful!


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