Monday 10 February 2014

Identity: Recreated

The title of the talk on Identity today is Recreated.

I did my journaling first.

Then I turned to my art journal.  I felt the page was very orange so I added some pink to it.

In a sketchbook I found a page I had already painted.

  I cut a piece of the paper and wrote the verse on it in white.

Then I turned it over and with two sizes of hearts that I had cut out from scraps of paper, I drew 10 large and 5 smaller hearts.  By  drawing them on the back you are not concerned with the placement of the hearts and it's a great surprise when you've cut them out and you turn them over.

Here they are.

I stuck the hearts down as flowers on my page. I drew in the stems and drew round the petals with a black pen.  I drew lines and squiggles to make a frame.

I finished the page by writing recreated in the bottom corner.

I got my inspiration from this which I saw initially on Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow that's an amazing page, I love your different coloured journalling pages too and pink and orange are a favourite colour combo!

  2. So thankful we can go along at our own pace..I have still more ideas and scibblings to put in, that I'll leave an empty page or two before going on to Sonship!! Thanks for the inspiring place you've provided!! Jax


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