Sunday 23 February 2014

Planner Update

This week I have been really pleased with how much I have got done.  You may have seen the book I finished during the week.

I also finished everything I needed to for the Identity blog and started planning the next thing!

In light of my One Little Word: Participate I decided to join in with a symbol swap with some ladies in the One Little Word Facebook group.  My symbol is a heart.

In addition I have kept up with my planner.   Recently I signed up for a Junelle Jacobsen class and yesterday she held an Open House.  Her creative idea was to be inspired by the designs from the Winter Olympics to make a set of blocks.  I decided I would use the idea for the inside of the flap for this week in my planner.   I took the Kraft card flap out to make it easier.  I used pieces of scrapbooking pages and glued them on with Ranger Multi Medium.  I stamped a Dylusions phrase on cards and cut it up.  I added some orange, green and white acrylic paint.

I put the flap back into the planner.

The other side of the flap had the Psalm 15 study.  I used this from Pinterest as inspiration for the page.

The Psalm images are from 52 Weeks of Psalms.

Now to get going on all the other things that need finishing - or starting in some cases.

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