Tuesday 22 April 2014

Documented Life update

I have kept working on my Documented Life planner - even taking it with me to Florida - which added some weight to the luggage!!  While I was in the States I fed my Washi Tape addiction buying over 30 rolls!  Added to what I already own my tapes look like this:

On to the Documented Life update.  You can see other Documented Life posts by clicking on Documented Life Project at the bottom of this post.

Week 12

The challenge was to use bits cut from magazines.  I punched the butterflies.

Week 13
The challenge was to have someone else draw in your book and as I couldn't cope with that I stamped with a Dyan Reaveley stamp.  I thought that might count since I know her!

Week 14

The challenge was to write your name and decorate it.  It probably needs some more doodling.

Week 15
I ignored this week's challenge. 

And then I took the scissors to the spine of my Planner and cut it open!

Come back tomorrow for an update of the update!  And what happened to the planner!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. Love your pages so far!

  2. Oh you are brave cutting into the planner but it's the only way. Loving what you've done up to now!

  3. I am loving seeing your planner and sort of wishing I was doing this. That tape collection is amazing.

  4. Our pages are just beautiful! I love what you are doing with these. You always inspire me! And WOW! What a collection of Washi tape! Thanks for showing us your work.

  5. Love your thoughts and creativity.

  6. I have washi tape envy Bernice! Your book is coming along beautifully - I hope the new binding makes a difference.

  7. Great pages! Can't wait to see what you're doing with the spine.


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