Saturday 24 May 2014

Make It Personal Session 3

On Thursday and Friday I was at The Bramble Patch again doing the third session of Hilary Beattie's class: Make It Personal.

Here are details of Session 1 and Session 2 part 2 and part 1.

This session we concentrated on screen printing.

Firstly we used masking tape to make patterns on the underside of the screen.

I printed through the screen with thickened dye onto white cotton lawn. Later I overdyed the fabric.

I carefully peeled the masking tape off the screen and stuck it into my sketchbook.

And cleaned the screen into my sketchbook.

The next exercise was to cut or tear patterns into paper - I used scrapbook paper which was slightly thicker and lasted longer.

The yellow 'pinwheels' in the background were applied by putting the dye through the screen which had the cut-out on the back.

At the end of Thursday we put a thick layer of dye onto the back of our screens and left them to dry overnight.

I didn't put my dye on particularly thickly so when we reactivated the screen on Friday morning I didn't get many prints off it.  The two prints on the left are on cotton lawn and the one on the right is on Deli paper.

I cut a stencil of my shape and painted white acrylic fabric paint through it.

This is onto paper.

And this is on the backing paper that was on the top of my table and soaking up all the dye and pattern all day.

We also tried putting inktense block colour onto the screen using stencils to get the pattern and discharging that with plain thickened manutex.  The piece on the right was where I drew directly onto the fabric.

I also played in my sketchbooks.

I don't enjoy working in the A3 sketchbook so took this one with me as well.

We used thermofax screens.  I used pearl paint through a screen on this page.

And then added dye ink over the top.

Here's a close up.

This is two different screens using acrylic paint.

And dye ink painted over.

This page was done with thickened dye.

The two days sped past.  Hilary is very generous in sharing her knowledge and we have great fun with her.  On Friday a film crew were present filming Hilary for JustHands-On TV and at one point the camera was pointing at me working.  Will I make the cut or be lying on the cutting room floor - or whatever the digital equivalent is?!?  I'll let you know.

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  1. What fun you had - I would love to take a class with Hilary!

  2. Great class looks like you learned a lot of new techniques.

  3. Some gorgeous prints you have there

  4. What fun all that printing must have been! When I took an art class once, I was very drawn to printing , I think because it reminds me of stamping.


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