Tuesday 13 May 2014

Practising Gratitude day 8: Make mistakes

For 21 days in May I am running an art challenge blog called The Art of Practising Gratitude.  Today's post is here.  On my blog I am showing what I did in response to the blog post.

Today's art challenge is to stamp with acrylic blocks.  I only have rectangular ones so I made my own.  You can find a previous post on making acrylic blocks here.  I couldn't find that one so I decided I would make a key one.  Big mistake as you will see.  My advice is to use a shape that isn't too complicated.

I cut out a key from 4 pieces of card and two from some acrylic with my Cuttlebug.

I glued the cardboard layers together.

Then I glued the acrylic key on each side of the stack.  I used Matte Medium.   I left it to dry.

I used the key I had made to stamp on my page.   It really didn't work very well.  In the past I would probably have covered it all up but I left it.  Especially as it's a page on making mistakes!

I decided I would have another search for the one I made before and thankfully found it and used it.

I stamped the make mistakes theme and glued the Bible verse on.

Then I wrote my journaling in the circles I had stamped.

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  1. I love your Mistakes layout! I'm learning to embrace the accidents and mistakes, too. God sometimes uses these "mistakes" to reveal new truths or to teach us not to be so much of a perfectionist! :)

  2. Thanks so much for this technique idea, I've tried it with a star')


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