Saturday 10 May 2014

What If?

So what if I tried using fabric paints and fabric with the shaving foam technique?

That's what I thought as I was using the technique with distress reinkers the other day.

So I tried it.  I used Pebeo Setacolor Fabric paints, my can of really cheap shaving cream and some unwashed white cotton fabric.  And here's what happened.  Lots of photos for you!

Here is the shaving foam with the fabric paint dropped on to it.

I swirled the paints with a stick.

Put the fabric on top of the shaving cream and patted it down gently and pulled up the fabric.

I scraped the shaving foam off the fabric and discovered this!

This was how the shaving foam looked after taking that first print.

So I took another one with a new piece of fabric

Which looked like this.

I added some Magenta and stirred it in.

Took the fabric print.

And scraped off the foam to discover this.

Using Deli paper I took another print off the shaving foam.

And scraped off the foam to find this.

By this time the foam was really a bit yucky so I added some orange which wasn't necessarily a good idea but if you keep asking what if? this is what you get!

 I didn't like what I got and obviously didn't take a photo!

I washed it all away and started again.  This blue is called Indigo on the bottle!

Took the print

And got this

Then I thought .... what if I use a stencil so I put the stencil on the shaving foam and pressed the not nice orange fabric on top and got this.

However when I scraped off the foam I got this shadowy image instead.

I took another print from foam

And this was the result

And then with cartidge paper I took prints through the stencil

It looked like this after scraping off the foam.

And here's another one

I haven't quite decided what do with the fabric and papers but I really enjoyed the process.

Thanks for stopping by.

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