Friday 9 May 2014

Practising Gratitude day 6: Be grateful

For 21 days in May I am running an art challenge blog called The Art of Practising Gratitude.  Today's post is here.  On my blog I am showing what I did in response to the blog post.

Today's art challenge was a different take on producing a background with Distress Inks.  I'm not sure I was totally successful!  I used 90lb watercolour paper and I suspect a more coated paper might have worked better.  I used my 3 colours again risking some mud with the orange and turquoise.

I sprayed with water and rolled with the brayer.

I did another layer of the pink and orange.

I dried the paper with a heat gun and then added some turquoise.

I randomly stencilled on the paper.

Then stamped the flowers

And cut them out.

As they dried they looked a bit dull so I drew with gold pen on them.

Here is the page in my book and serendipity happened again.  Here on this page the author is talking about Pollyanna and the 'glad game' where she found ways of being grateful for what she was given.

I stamped the words and glued down the flowers.

I cut up the verse, inked the edges and glued it to the page.

I wrote my journaling and then used some stickles to brighten up the centre of the flowers.

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  1. I like how you brightened up your flowers.Still thinking on this prompt.

  2. Lovely, Bernice. Thanks for sharing and for your inspiration. <3


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