Wednesday 7 May 2014

Practising Gratitude day 4: Be Happy

For 21 days in May I am running an art challenge blog called The Art of Practising Gratitude.  Today's post is here.  On my blog I am showing what I did in response to the blog post.

Today's art challenge was to use shaving cream.  I love this technique and it is very addictive so I only allowed myself a short play.  I used Distress Reinkers for the colour.

 I took this print from the foam in the picture above.

 And this was what it looked like after I'd scraped off the foam.

 And here's another tag I printed after I had added some blue to the mix.

I did three tags altogether and when they were dry they looked like this.

The next page in my book looked like this

with this sentence left uncovered.  I love serendipity.

I stencilled the hearts on the pages.

I chose the brightest of the tags, inked the edges and stuck it into the book.  I added an extra heart on the left hand page.  I stuck the Bible verse on the tag and a heart sticker.  I stamped be happy and wrote my journaling.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love this technique too, and it has the added bonus of smelling nice as you do it! Definitely a happy technique ;)

  2. Not my favourite technique but you've done a really good job of it, Bernice. Big fan of serendipity myself - lovely stufff :-D Thanks for all your inspiration on the Gratitude blog!

  3. What a great pager. I'm with Cath and skipped the technique for today, but you did wonders with it.


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