Saturday 27 October 2018

Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Valley

We spent two days travelling around the countryside outside Adelaide.  Lots of photos today.

Day 1: The Fleurieu Peninsular

The ferry from Kangaroo Island to Cape Jervis

We drove through amazing countryside, much of which looked quite British, until we got to Victor Harbor.   The horse drawn tram took people over to Granite Island but we walked!

I loved this sculpture.


We stopped off in Strathalbyn on our way back to Adelaide.

Day 2: Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley
We went first to the summit of Mount Lofty to look out over Adelaide.

We next visited the German town of Hahndorf.

As we travelled across country we saw a signpost for a viewpoint.  so off we went and found this.

We travelled through various small towns across the Barossa Valley which I personally would have called a plain rather than a valley.  We chose to have lunch at a beautiful winery in Tanunda: Bethany Wines.

We tried a couple of wines which we had with lunch.  We didn't buy any wine because the wine in Australia is considerably more expensive than the same bottle in the UK.  Roger has found some Bethany Wine in the Co-op!

There were various sculptures in the grounds of the vineyard.

I rather liked the sculptures although they did remind me of elastic bands.

We also went to a free sculpture park near by.

The next day we packed up and started our drive to Melbourne along the Southern Ocean Road.

Thanks for joining me today.

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