Tuesday 9 October 2018

Capturing the Place Sketchbook

My last post showed a large number of photographs taken at Forge Mill Museum.  Today I'm going to show my sketchbook page by page.  I didn't necessarily work on the pages in order but this is the order they are in the book.

Our first task was to go outside and concentrate on one aspect of what we could see and find the colours represented there.  I chose the mill building but other people chose the flowers or other buildings.

During the three days, Hilary introduced a variety of techniques for us to choose.  We could try them and discard them, or continue to experiment with them.  We all chose different things to do.

This page was worryingly the colours I associate with my Venice work.

Hilary encouraged us to go out and draw 'en plein air'.  However, I traced one of my photos using layout paper and sketched it up a bit with a pen.  Then stuck it in.

I tore pages and extended pages.

The museum had some metal tiles that could be used for rubbings and a mock up in the museum of what they thought they looked like originally.

There was also a photo of what they had found in the abbey.  I made some small eraser stamps and combined these with the photo and the rubbings.

In the modern part of the visitor centre there was a really interesting drain cover. I made a stencil and combined that with collaged photos.  One of the other participants made this lovely chain stamp.

This page sticks out like a sore thumb.  I need to knock back the green.

Normal service is resumed.   Wax resist, watercolour and collaged photos.

I had a lovely time and really like some of my pages - that's very unusual for me.  Whether I ever finish the sketchbook is another matter.

Thanks for joining me today.

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