Tuesday 23 October 2018

Armchair Travelling 2: A Road Trip

Our eldest grandson was very excited about going on a road trip.  He might not have been so keen if he's realised that meant a lot of hours in the car!  We stopped off on the way to see the tallest tree in New South Wales.  It's in the Myall Lakes National Park.  It wasn't possible to get the whole tree in the photo! so you will have to imagine the top of it.

Next day we went on a mini roadtrip which took in a walk to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse.

And on the way back, a stop to pick up the most expensive cherry pie ever!

We were staying at an amazing Airbnb place: Pondok Bambu.  The owners were extremely welcoming and allowed Crusoe to feed the chickens and visit the pig.

I tried really hard to get a good photo of this cockerel but he really had no idea what a photoshoot meant!

The final day of the road trip involved a long journey home with a stop off for lunch.

As you can see the weather was grey.  I can take photos of grey skies at home!!!

Our last day in Sydney and the weather still wasn't up to much.  After Roger, Andy & Crusoe had gone out to buy a 'garden' and planted it, we went off to the place in Botany Bay where Captain cook landed.

Botany Bay as it is now.  I don't think Captain Cook would recognise it!

The monument to the landing.

Thanks for joining me today.  I hope you have enjoyed a brief look at the first half of our holiday.

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