Saturday 20 October 2018

Armchair Travelling 1

We have just returned from a visit to Australia to visit the Hopper Juniors.  We arrived in Sydney in time for breakfast and then took ourselves into the city on the train and on to Manly via the ferry.  I have lots of photos of Manly so didn't take any this time apart from this advertising hoarding.

Normal photography service was resumed the next day when we visited the Powerhouse Museum.  I have been pondering whilst away about how many photos I take and that I do nothing much with them afterwards so I tried not to be so trigger happy this time.  I only took 469 in the almost 2 weeks - that's a low number for me.

So there's a somewhat eclectic mix of photos for day 2.  This was our first visit to this Museum despite many visits to Sydney.

After the Powerhouse Museum we walked towards Darling Harbour where we popped into the Chinese Garden of Friendship which we had never visited before.

Darling Harbour is a frenetic place so it was amazing to find this oasis of calm in it's midst.

We walked up to Town Hall to get the train back to Rockdale.  I loved this anchor outside the church.

On day 3 I went to the ladies meeting at Hillsong with Naomi, Andy went to work and Roger went for a walk.  The weather wasn't much good in the afternoon so we stayed in and prepared for our road trip - planned for the next 3 days.

Thanks for joining me today.


  1. Looks amazing Bernice. When we fly home from NZ we now have 9 hrs stop over in Sydney. We have got visas arranged so are thinking of getting the train down to the harbour to see the bridge and Opera House. I will pm you for any tips! I look forward to seeing more photos of your trip

  2. I always enjoy armchair traveling with you on your trips!


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